Find the best and scariest haunted houses in Kentucky here at Haunted House Kentucky. Kentucky has several incredible areas with great spooky haunted houses including Louisville, Lexington-Fayette, Owensboro, Bowling Green Convington and Pikeville, Kentucky. Kentucky Haunted Houses come in all shapes and sizes from haunted attractions, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, zombie hunts, zombie paintball hayrides, to pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Haunted House Kentucky will help you find everything Halloween from Louisville to Lexington and everything between.
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Haunted house located in Settle. Kentucky near Bowling Green, KY.
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STOP ZOMBIES NOW! Thomas Dairy Farm and Market has been taken over by zombies and we need help!! Have you ever wanted to shoot a paintball gun but not get shot? Then this is for you!! We have two specialized "Zombie Fighting Wagons" tha ...
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Haunted House in Lexington, Kentucky - Scariest Screampark Haunted Houses
Kentucky has some of the best haunted houses and one of the biggest is a Screampark located in Lexington, Kentucky.  Read all about the biggest and scariest SCREAMPARK in Kentucky right here rated and reviewed by
Kentucky Haunted House - USS Nightmare
Kentucky Haunted House, USS Nightmare is one of the scariest haunted houses in Kentucky and some say a real haunted house in Kentucky read the review at
Haunted House in Kentucky - Talon Falls Screampark Haunted House, Paducah, Kentucky
Haunted Houses In Kentucky, Talon Falls Screampark, Paducah, Kentucky is a haunted attraction during Halloween which features multiple haunted houses, hayrides, and more.  Learn all the secrets and go behind the scenes of one of America's scariest haunted houses reviewed by

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Find the biggest, best, and scariest haunted hayrides in KENTUCKY.  Kentucky is a state which features many massive SCREAMPARKS which means more than just a hayride or a haunted house for example.  Screamparks typically feature a hayride,  haunted houses, haunted forests, to everything between.  There are many different types of hayrides from the scary hayride to the family friendly hayrides typically found at a farm pick your own pumpkins.  There are also new types of hayrides called Zombie Paintball which are more interactive putting riders on hayrides shooting paintballs at zombies and targets. No matter what type of haunted hayrides you are looking for from Lexington-Fayette, Louisville, Owensboro, Bowling Green, Pikeville and Covington, Kentucky or anywhere between Hauntworld can help you find exactly what you are looking for!

Kentucky has some of the biggest and best Hayrides some of which feature other attractions such as haunted houses.  Most attractions which feature a hayride often times have other attraction that aren't scary especially if the attraction is a pumpkin patch.  A Halloween family friendly attraction would probably feature a non-scary hayride and also might include corn mazes, pony rides, pick your own pumpkins and much more.  There are two very different types of hayrides the scary and the non-scary.

A scary haunted hayride will almost always feature other attractions from a haunted forest, haunted houses, to all sorts of scary zones meant to make people SCREAM!  The big haunted hayrides almost always feature tons of live actors, amazing detail, sets, special fx, some feature pyro and much more. Make sure when you search for a haunted hayride you are specific in your search.  

Another new TYPE of attraction featured at many corn mazes are these zombie paintball hayrides, where guests get to shoot and kill zombies from hayrides.  Zombies roam the fields of an old farm and you armed with paintballs blast away killing as many zombies as you can find!  Hayrides over the past couple of years have seemed to evolve and become a lot more interactive.  What kind of hayride are you looking for?  You'll find all types of haunted houses, hayrides and more here on

Look in our Pick Your Own Pumpkin or Corn Maze directory to find the non-scary hayrides.  But if you want non-stop thrills and edge of your seat chills look here on these pages or within our haunted house directory to find big over the top haunted hayrides.


Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride (Petersburg, KY)

Located in the small town of Petersburg Kentucky is Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride. While most hayrides take place on dirt paths, Sandyland Acres is made of well, sand. This is a benefit since the thick sand sucks up water when there is a big storm. The main people that are behind Sandyland Acres are Gene and Debra Web. Before they were running a haunted hayride they were attending horror conventions all over the United States.

One fateful night they visited a nearby hayride and a thought came them. They already have the equipment and land so they might as well create there own haunted hayride in their small town. It was a risk, but it paid off big time. While this will be its third year of operation, you would never know that by the quality of  the hayride.

Sandyland Acres consists of mostly recreations of horror movie favorites such as Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, Friday The 13th and many others. While this may sound typical for a haunt, it isn’t since the frightening scenes you’ll experience are very convincing to the point where you feel like you’re part of the movie. Custom-made masks are used for characters such as Michael Myers and Predator while the sets almost perfectly resemble their movie counterparts.

The future is bright for Sandyland Acres since they are doing everything right that many haunts that have been around for much longer are doing wrong. They constantly advertise through signs, festivals, parades, sponsors and even cross promote with a group of haunts called Cincy Haunts ( This is a group of haunts that are located in or near Cincinnati that promote each other while providing detailed information. Plus they even have a bus tour and even give away prizes for people participating. To put it simply. This is a haunt ran by great people that are striving to create a frightening experience for those brave enough to ride their frightening hayride.

USS Nightmare (Newport, KY)
One of the few haunted boats in the United States is USS Nightmare and for nearly 20 years it's been scaring people in the greater Cincinnati area. What sets this haunt apart from other haunts in the country? It's quite simple, atmosphere.  Once you walk inside this rustic steamboat you can feel its haunted history come alive before you ever come in contact with an actor or see a scary prop. The paint on the walls is peeled while much of the metal is rusting. There is something scary and mysterious about this boat and once you enter the first scene you know all Hell is going to break loose.
While the boat alone is frightening, the scenes you'll venture into are down right bone chilling. Some of these include a spooky graveyard, clown ball pit, haunted museum, choose your fait room and so much more. Along with the variety of themed rooms comes there is the latest and greatest in haunt technology. But USS Nightmare doesn't just depend on its eye candy since they have a large group of dedicated actors that are dressed in impressive costumes and makeup and prosthetics. But USS Nightmare's success can be contributed by its dedicated staff that works endless hours constructing and organizing this classic haunt.
The staff includes:Allen Rizzo-General Manager, Glenna Rizzo-Production Manager, Steve Schrcitcis-Design, Brian Robbe-Design, Tony Dimuzio-Design, Mark Hopkinson- Design, Jason Ervin-Design, and Jason Stamper-Design.








Baxter Avenue Morgue (Louisville, KY)
Baxter Avenue Morgue is possibly one of the most underrated haunts in the country. Since opening in 2000 it has gained a cult status due to its frightening realism and creepy scenes. Although Baxter Avenue Morgue may not take place in an actual morgue, the creators work hard in convincing people that it does. Once you arrive at the morgue a sense of dread may go down you back. This is due to the convincing story of the haunted morgue that chronicles its tragic past and strange occurrences.
Before you enter the morgue you are welcomed by the current owner Warren Vanderdark who warns you of what lies behind the morgue's doors. Once you enter the basement of the morgue you soon find out why this haunt is so infamous. This haunt is dark and confining where every scene blends together seamlessly to create a haunting story. The Baxter Avenue Morgue is truly one of those haunts that you must visit once in your lifetime.


It's that good and the actors who play parts in the various scenes are incredible. Much of the staff is comprised of students from the local school of creative and performing arts and on select days a local dance troop reenacts the classic Thriller video for the crowd waiting in line. In 2007 the original directors Joey Arena and Verity Jones left Baxter Avenue Morgue to work on their latest project Otherworld. It's a haunt that gives customers the choice of what path to take and the haunt promises to have things that you've never seen in any other haunt before. But even though the original creative directors have left Baxter Avenue Morgue still is one of the nation’s most bone chilling haunts that doesn’t seem to miss a step.

The Haunted Hotel (Louisville, KY)

The Haunted Hotel is Louisville’s longest running haunt and for good reason. Intensity doesn’t begin to describe this haunt. When you first arrive at The Haunted Hotel you’ll notice that the street has been blocked off by cop cars because this haunt is that popular. And once you enter you’ll know exactly why. You’ll first enter into a haunted elevator that has been taken over by a deformed pig creature.

The lights begin to flash as the creature presses its buttons and all Hell breaks loose. The elevator uncontrollably shakes as sounds of steel can be heard as the elevator is ready to crash. Make sure and hold onto something before you fall over. Their version of the Hellevator cost over $10,000 alone before the modifications. Finally after a few minutes the ride is over and you’re on the 13th floor. This is when the real fun begins as you venture into unique rooms that have scenes perfectly timed to music and lights.

Some of the rooms you’ll experience are a haunted kitchen full or a moving cabinet doors, a haunted bedroom, a fun house and even a live nude shower scene that squirts people as they peep through the glass. You would pray that your trip into terror was over, but that was only the inside area of the haunt. The outside area includes various scenes and one of the most intense chainsaw mazes you will ever experience. The Haunted Hotel pulls no punches with their mix of intense actors and well-timed scenes. It’s truly one of those haunts that people look forward to all year round.




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