Creepyworld Screampark in Saint Louis/Fenton, Missouri  
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Creepyworld is America's Biggest Haunted Screampark now with 13 different haunted attractions in one location for one price. Creepyworld includes several haunted houses and a new high tech haunted hayride. Are you ready to scream? Creepyworld is the longest haunted house in America. In 2017 Creepyworld has gotten even bigger. Learn more at

Creepyworld Screampark
1400 S Old Highway 141
Saint Louis/Fenton, Missouri, 63026

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Creepyworld is now one of the largest Halloween scream parks in America with 13 MAJOR attractions in one location. New this year includes a massive movie screen showing horror movies, monster photo ops, and two new haunted houses. Some of the attractions include a haunted hospital, haunted mansion, trick r treat haunted hayride, corn mazes, clown houses, and so much more. For all highlights and haunt information including ticket info:


Creepyworld is America's LONGEST haunted screampark and takes over one hour to complete the entire attraction. The longest line for Creepyworld is always the ticket line and if you purchase your tickets ONLINE you will save at least half the waiting time to get into the attraction. You may use your tickets ANY NIGHT we are open during the posted 2017 Halloween Season which begins in September and runs through part of November. BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE! For regular haunted house updates and events:


Creepyworld features multiple attractions spanning 6 acres which includes hayrides, haunted houses, music, food and more. To learn more go to - Creepyworld is Open Weekends in September and Thursday thru Sunday in october and every night Halloween week. Also open November 3rd and 4th

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Not all are actors!!
Our friends swear seeing actors fade away and disappear right in front of you, thinking this was part of the fun just to find out later that was not part of the show. Driving home we kept seeing a figure on the rear view mirror, just to turn around and see nothing in the back. We later noticed mud and what looked like dry blood on the back seat, when nobody road back there since I had the car detailed a week ago. This is strange and weird.
Posted 08/13/2017
The IA Traveler
Seriously so good does not disappoint at all. Awesome props and actors lots of fun!!!
Posted 07/08/2017
Fog, chain saw, and endless walking with no interactions.
The set design and the space was great, but it wasn't utilized well. I feel like I payed more for exercise then I did to walk through a haunted house. Only 10% of the actors seemed like they enjoyed themselves. (Specifically there was a blonde with short hair and a simple black mask running around near a big metal tube you walked though, this person never broke character and was active. The second person was a women holding a piglet named Sarah. This women was very interactive and did a great job capturing our attention). The rest of the actors seemed like pop outs or endless chainsaws. You have a GREST space. Utilize it! Fill it with actors that want to be there.
Posted 10/28/2016
Creepyworld is a blast to go to. It's insanely long and it's nice that you get little breaks in-between each haunt. I prefer Creepyworld over the other Haunts simply because the length of it! It really is a scream park! The only thing that held it from receiving ten skulls is because it gets really busy during mid-season and the workers tend to not wait long enough in-between groups so everyone catches up to everyone and a lot of the time it ruins the scare! Still an awesome time though!
Posted 09/24/2015

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